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Michael Borreman Self Portrait Replica

A painted replica of Michael Borreman's self portrait.
(Oil Paint)

Self Portrait

A portrait of myself.
(Oil Paint)

Leila Washington

A portrait of my mother, Leila Washington.
(Oil Paint)

Joseph Gordon‐Levitt Abstract Portrait

An abstract portrait of Joseph Gordon-Levitt reclining on a couch.
(Oil Paint)


A texture painting abstractly representing the crucifixion on Jesus Christ.
(Acrylic Paint and Hair)

House Divided

A painting that utilizes shapes and color to portray Jesus's teaching of how "a house divided can not stand."
(Acrylic Paint)

Purity Ring

A painting that utilizes only primary colors and a purity ring.
(Acrylic Paint)

Red Values

A painting that utilizes only different values of red with one stripe of canvas showing.
(Acrylic Paint)