TV Snipes
Ashley HomeStore  •  Motion Graphics
Being the only Creative in a corporate marketing department for a major furniture retailer certainly had its challenges, but it also meant that whatever skills I had under my belt could become new creative innovations for the company. Once I made known my ability to animate in Adobe After Effects, we started producing ads called "TV Snipes". The unique challenge of these ads was to make them visually interesting enough to grab the viewer's attention and convey the full message in only a matter of seconds (maximum time was eight seconds).
After about a month of producing TV snipes, we saw a 20% increase in sales and customer engagement.
Paid Social
Ashley HomeStore  •  Animated GIF
Digital Marketing for Ashley HomeStore was always a challenge because there were only so many ways to make furniture look beautiful enough to stop a viewer from scrolling through their feed. That being said, we decided to take a more creative approach and produced ads that contained simple and to-the-point content but still reflected the style and design of the campaign they promoted. Adding a bit of animation into the mix never hurts, especially with paid social.

Promotions from top down: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, & Thanksgiving.
Store Collateral
Ashley HomeStore  •  Printed Tags & Signage
When it comes to retail furniture campaigns and promotions, it can be very tough to convey specific discount percentages and financing offers in a way that is visually appealing to the customer as well as being easy to understand. The Summer Sale & Clearance promotion was an example of a campaign where I designed in-store signage (we called it "POP") that was clear and concise to the customer while also being visually attractive, utilizing color and contrast to enhance legibility and communication.

POP materials included (left to right): 3 Tier Signs, Danglers (Hanging Banners), 4Up Tags, Z-Tags, Financing Tags, and Yard Signs.
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