Spitfire Audio Westworld Submission
Television Score  •  Logic Pro X
Spitfire Audio, my favorite audio sampling company, teamed up with HBO to provide an incredible opportunity for composers around the world. The footage along with the dialogue and sound effects was provided and the task was to simply compose original music for the background of the scene. The greatest challenge was deciding what genre to compose for the genre switch section, whether it be pop, R&B, classical, or even funk. Eventually I settled on Epic Celtic Folk music because it ties into the ethnic background of a couple of the actors in the scene (sort of breaking the 4th wall in a way).

If you wish to know more about my creative direction behind this piece, feel free to read the full video description here.
One Shall Stand
Trailer Music  •  Logic Pro X
Growing up, my favorite music genre has always been trailer music. I have been listening to Two Steps From Hell, Audiomachine, Immediate Music, and many other groups since I was in grade school and I am still inspired by them to this day. This particular track is my most recent personal project and hopefully the start of a new personal album.

This is a raw track with hardly any mixing.
Liam 2150
Class Project  •  Logic Pro X
The class was tasked with creating a concept for a new television show, establishing a basic plot, and composing a fifteen second intro theme for it. The show was a futuristic sci-fi drama with plot twists and plenty of action.
To Protect and Serve
Chester County High School Band  •  Logic Pro X/Live Performance
This piece was written to honor those serving our country in our armed forces. I composed the original piece, arranged it for live band performance, and rehearsed it with the Chester County High School band in three separate class sessions (4.5 hours total).

Above is the unmastered digital track composed in Logic Pro X.
Leave Me Be
Class Collaboration  •  Live Recording
Students from a Music Composition class and a Creative Writing class were paired together to collaborate on original songs that were later performed and recorded at Dark Horse Studios in Franklin, TN. This is one of two songs for which I composed the music, arranged it for performance, and directed the live recording sessions.
"Emotions" EP Album  •  Reason Studios
"Emotions" was my first personal EP album and "Aspiration" is the top track from it. The album is still being streamed on Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music. I composed each song to convey a certain feeling to the listener, which was great experience for composing different genres and expressions.

You can listen to the rest of "Emotions" here.
Short Film  •  Reason Studios/Live Recording
"2023" was my very first composition project. The short film won first place at Regional and State TSA (Technical Student Association) competitions for North Carolina. I composed the original music in Reason Studios, arranged it for performance, and directed the live recording session.

Above are the digital tracks composed for the film.
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