I believe that everyone is a creative being, we just have different mediums. Whether we're turning ideas into reality, solving problems to discover new solutions, or just playing around and having fun, we're always coming up with something. We're all naturally creative creatures; some people just choose to embrace it more than others.
Why am I passionate about design? I am one of those people.

You know that feeling when you've been working on something for a long time and you can't seem to get it quite right? But then a light bulb goes off and you realize what needs to be done and wallah! You have your masterpiece! But what was it that finally clicked? What gave your brain that last little nudge to find the missing link?
Something came to you, maybe it was from a visual reference, out of thin air, or even divine intervention. Call it what you will, but that light bulb was an inspired moment. The moment when you finally realize how to successfully translate your idea from your brain to reality. Those moments are what I work for; this is why I love to design.

My Dad loves to say "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." I am living my life to the fullest by doing what I love. My passion is to bring ideas to life in a way that inspires others to live the life they need to be living. Instead of creating art to distract people from this world, I seek to inspire them to go out and make their dream world a reality.

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