Making Indie Films
Look Like Blockbusters
It all started with a high school football coach in Mobile, Alabama whose daughter made award-winning horror films in Colorado. Ever since that connection, designing movie posters for indie films (and film concepts) from all across the nation has been an absolute delight…as well as a ruthless series of training sessions in photo manipulation techniques. Thankfully, learning skills like light painting and photo compositing got easier after plenty of practice (plus, they're just cool techniques to know). 
Broken Souls and Trapped in Schizophrenia use photography taken by the client, but the rest of the samples below use stock photos, most of them being free stock photos…so, yeah, heavy emphasis on the photo manipulation part. But hey, Key Art is still high on the list of favorite projects to work on.
Chief Executive Officer/Photography: Carlos Hagene
Art Direction, Design, and Photo Editing: Aaron Washington

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