Empowering Women's
Financial Superpowers
In a society where personal finances are mostly managed by men, empowering women to understand and take control of them is certainly a challenge. To combat the status quo, First Horizon Bank created the campaign "Why We Need Women's Superpowers With Personal Finance", which featured four female superheroes, each representing a different trait, or "power", that women have when it comes to finance. The campaign included an animated video ad, animated social media posts, and a TED Women's conference that included printed signage of the heroes. In addition to their superpowers, each hero also represented a different race, age, and body type, making them an inclusive array of characters.
The illustrations were drawn by hand in Adobe Illustrator on a Wacom Cintiq 22.
The animation will be added to this page once it's public.
VP of Brand Strategy & Creative Services: Charlie Talley
Project Manager: Liz Clifford
Character Design, Illustration & Animation: Aaron Washington

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