Refreshing the
Resurgence of Vinyl
"Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years," said the millions of vinyl records being sold around the world today (or was that LL Cool J?). Vinyl has had an incredible resurgence by adapting to modern audiences and introducing many customizable innovations. Likewise, Memphis Record Pressing, one of the largest vinyl manufacturers in the nation, needed to adapt to the modern industry with a full website redesign and content update. 
This project had to be one of the largest, fastest, and most involved collaborations I've ever led. It involved designing the entire site, meeting regularly with the developers to discuss functionality, directing photo shoots, writing copy, and retouching photos, all within a three month period.
Director of Marketing & Communications:  Catrina Traylor-Francis
Art Direction and Design:  Aaron Washington
Copywriting:  Sam Shansky & Aaron Washington
Photography:  Rhianna Lee
Videography:  Tucker Wallace
Development:  Echo Base

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