Making Traditional
TV Look Like It's Not
Refreshing a decade-old talk show started out as a simple visual refresh and ended up turning into a massive overhaul that included everything from the title design and animated lower-thirds to completely rearranging the light rig, rebuilding the set to include new LED screens, and even having a custom LED logo sign made by a local sign shop. After a grueling six months, the payoff was beautiful and well worth the blood, sweat, and other bodily fluids. The launch of the new season included a month of promo videos and paid posts on social media and YouTube leading up to the release. Everything you can think of, from YouTube thumbnails to business cards, were rebranded in preparation for the launch.
The YouTube playlist of episodes can be found here.
The episodes from 2023 are the only ones relevant to this project.
GBN also aired all of the episodes on three national cable networks as well as multiple local channels in major city markets.
Non-Profit Studio: Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN)
Creative Manager: Aaron Washington

Social Media Specialist & Production Assistant: Michael Bush
Brand Design, Set Design, Motion Graphics, Shooting and Editing: Aaron Washington

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