Curing the World by
Obliterating Boundaries
In today's divided landscape of society, a message that transcends human differences resonates well among audiences, especially younger generations. The campaign started with an important insight: St. Jude shares all of their cancer research openly with the public, meaning anyone around the world can benefit from their studies. This fact was taken a step further by saying that the cure for cancer knows no bias or discrimination because the research is meant for everyone. Thus, the "No Cures Obscured" campaign was born, which would feature photography by Annie Leibovitz that showcases how cancer obliterates bigoted boundaries. Simply put, if the disease knows no bias, why should the cure?
This is a passion project, so the photographs do NOT include real St. Jude patients or any known affiliates. The photos were produced with Midjourney and Photoshop.
Creative Mentor: Molly McLaughlin
Art Direction and Design: Aaron Washington

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